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Welcome to Ladegourdie Vinimport

Ladegourdie Vinimport is a family company, specialised in import of French wines.

My papa, Cyril Ladegourdie, who is French by birth, founded the company in 1981. He planted the first stock that was to give nourish the close and wide relationships we have to producers all over France. From the age of 11, I followed him to the different vineyards. I have spent hours in the cellars listening to the talk of wine of the domain. Although there were many times when I preferred to slip out into the vine-fields, the scent of both the farms and the land are still very special to me.

Our personal commitment and our knowledge of French wines have given us access to highly respected producers, and consequently we are able to make exclusive offers to our costumers. I have the opportunity to follow the wine closely – from when the grapes are harvested throughout the maturing process, until the wine is ready to be bottled. During this process I visit the vineyards, In order to secure the quality at each stage.

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