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From hobby to metier

It is difficult to explain what makes you chose your path in life, but to devote myself to my passion of working with wine makes me happy.

Wherever it is the wonderful memories of the vineyards where all my senses were awakened; the smells, the colours of the grapes, the vine stock, or long rainy days at work, as a young girl, at Monsieur and Madame Dupuy, harvesting the promises of this year’s great vintages into my wicker-basket, the explanation of what made med choose my path must be left unsaid.

Ladegourdie Vinimport is a business-to-business company. I propose to be your exclusive partner in covering the company’s requirements.

I can offer your company the opportunity of having unique wines – your own wines.

I visit France several times a year. Aside from enjoying the countryside I am committed to opening the cellars of unique wine producers, producing exclusively for Ladegourdie (Vinimport). From these trips I bring home our wines of the season, wines to be presented, tasted and discussed with costumers in our House in Copenhagen.



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